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David Dhillon is an independent contractor specializing in governmental affairs, political campaigns, lobbying, and public relations. David’s experience in government began at the early age of 23 when he was elected councilman for the City of El Centro. He served on the council for 16 years and represented the city as Mayor during his tenure.

Throughout his career David has taught Government and Economics to high school students, served as Director of Catholic Charities of Imperial Valley, and was appointed Marketing Manager for the California State Fair and Exposition by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

David has dedicated his life to serving his community. As an educator, he was a strong advocate of anti-drug programs in the public schools and is recognized as the national founder of Red Ribbon Week. As Director of Catholic Charities, he actively sought funds from state and federal agencies to help homeless veterans and the underprivileged.

David’s passion for helping people has led to working on charitable causes with many famous celebrities. As a reward for his hard work and dedication, he has enjoyed attending numerous Hollywood functions and being in the company of well-known personalities that share his interests.

David has recently worked as a government affairs strategist for health care facilities and employment agencies in search of health care professionals in the United States and abroad. In addition, he developed a campaign to bring national awareness to veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress.

David has traveled throughout Asia, Central America, Europe, and the United States. He enjoys playing tennis, racquetball and golf.

I have enjoyed my public and private sector contributions over the past 30 years, and am proud of the successes. I give all the credit to the people who have helped and put their confidence in me. If I can assist you or your organization in the areas of government and public affairs, please contact me.


Consulting Services Specialization

Public and Government Relations
Political Campaigns-Media Buys
EB-5 Visa & Government Contracts
Health care recruitment-Nurses, doctors

Corporate Relations/ Business Development-International and Domestic
Non-Profits-Veterans, Homeless


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Films & Interviews

Roots in the Sand, A documentary film by Jayasri Majumdar Hart.

Roots in the Sand started as the story of David Dhillon. He was a second generation Punjabi-Mexican-American who had lived in the Imperial Valley all his twenty-seven years. At that time, I had been in the U.S. less than five years, but soon “Roots in the Sand” became my journey to find my place in America.

Red Ribbon Week

The National Red Ribbon Campaign was sparked by the murder of DEA Special Agent Enrique Camarena by drug traffickers. Within weeks of his death in March of 1985, Camarena’s Congressman, Duncan Hunter, and high school friend Henry Lozano, launched Camarena Clubs in Imperial Valley, California, Camarena’s home. Hundreds of club members pledged to lead drug-free lives to honor the sacrifices made by Camarena and others on behalf of all Americans. From these clubs emerged the Red Ribbon Week campaign.

“The resiliency of this country is amazing. There’s no country in the world that turns tragedies into super-positive things like this country…It’s unbelievable how we can bounce back from tragic events like Camarena’s death and turn it into something as wonderful as the Red Ribbon Week program.” -David Dhillon, co-founder of the Red Ribbon Week Program

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